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See Incandescent at the IPRC Library!

For those of you who live in Portland and have not seen the zine yet, it is now available for viewing at the IPRC Library.  The Independent Publishing Resource Center is an amazing resource for anyone interested in making their own publications.  We bound the first issue of Incandescent here and fell in love with the Bindfast machine.  Helen and Marissa are now volunteers and would love to help you bind your project on Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

And speaking of the IPRC… they just moved into a huge new amazing space and have a Kickstarter campaign to fund projects in the new space.  Check out their video here and contribute to a great cause.

Issue one has been shipped!

How long does it take Pine Island Press to make 100 zines?  7 months! Issue One is now complete and in the mail! If you contributed to our Kickstarter you should be receiving your copy any day now. Thanks again to everyone who supported us along the way!

Post Kickstarter Update

Thank you so much for all of your contributions to our Kickstarter campaign. We have DOUBLED our goal which allowed us to buy an even better printer than we had planned on. This bigger and better printer is going to allow Incandescent to thrive and to continue as a publication.

We have been busy screen printing and preparing to print and bind all the zines.  If you pledged on Kickstarter we will be contacting you soon through KS for your addresses and you can expect a package from Pine Island Press to arrive by late April.

Submissions for the next issue are open now through June 15.  Go to our submissions page for more details. Send us your new film work for the Summer issue!

65 hours left!

There are just 65 hours left to contribute to our Kickstarter campaign.  Thank you to all of you who have already pledged. We made our goal in 5 days but please keep spreading the word! We want everyone to receive the special edition inaugural issue of Incandescent before the Kickstarter ends. The more money pledged the better printer we are going to be able to purchase. The printer we are looking at requires us to reach $3200 and we’re so close to reaching this goal!  Check out this canvas tote we screen printed that comes with the zine at the $60 bid level.

Special Edition

Our zine is officially in print! It looks magical! We have run into one major problem. Our first issue has gone way over budget. We were so excited about all the great submissions that we practically made a book. Our first volume includes 37 photographers and is over 100 pages. Our mission was to make this publication both affordable and accessible. To meet this goal we have decided to set up a Kickstarter fundraiser. The special edition complete first volume will only be available on Kickstarter (along with other goodies). Following the Kickstarter we will publish the complete volume as a two part series.  Each of these future zine will be priced at 14 dollars, which is more in line with our original vision.  Please stay tuned for our Kickstarter release!


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