Incandescent is a bi-annual international color film zine showcasing emerging photographers. It is curated and produced in Portland, Oregon by Pine Island Press. Incandescent does not and will not charge submission fees. The zine was created to provide artists an opportunity to share their work free of charge.

Incandescent was founded by Michael Cardiello, Marissa Csanyi, and Helen Jones. It is currently run by Marissa and Helen.

To see a preview of Issue one and find out more about how we got started check out the video we made for our Kickstarter campaign.

Our Kickstarter was created to fund a printer in order to produce color photos affordably. Because of our successful Kickstarter campaign we were able to buy a wax ink printer that is efficient, affordable, and ecofriendly. We print at home and bind/trim each publication by hand at the Independent Publishing Resource Center here in Portland, OR. We volunteer there together on Tuesday evenings with the Bindfast machine. Come on by and check it out!

incandescentzine.wordpress.com  * facebook.com/incandescentzine

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  1. Fluor says:

    That’s great,i’m with you guys from day 1…

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