Incandescent is a bi-annual zine promoting analog color photography by emerging photographers. It is curated and produced in Portland, Oregon by Pine Island Press. Incandescent does not and will not charge submission fees. The zine was created to provide photographers an opportunity to share their work free of charge.

Incandescent was founded by Michael Cardiello, Marissa Csanyi, and Helen Jones. It is currently run by Helen with help from Anna Knecht Schwarzer. Over the years Incandescent has been based out of an attic, a basement, a car, and a travel trailer. This is a shoestring project, but on that we feel has had beautiful results. Our goal has always been to be able to show new photography at an affordable price without asking for submission fees. So far we have had the honor of sharing the work of over 300 photographers from almost 50 countries around the world.

This publication was born out of a love of photography and was never intended to make money, and never has. When first starting out we thought that this was going to be a smaller project than it turned out to be. Thrilled with the amount of amazing submissions we received, we quickly realized that the printer we originally purchased could not handle the demand. We raised money through Kickstarter to purchase a printer that was efficient and helped keep production costs relatively low. To see a preview of Issue One and find out more about how we got started check out this video we made for our campaign. Since that first issue all funds from sales have gone into printing costs for the next issue. This has allowed us to keep the project up without charging submission fees. Unfortunately that printer has had its last meltdown and we are in the process of finding a new printer that will allow us to keep the sale price at a reasonable $14 and to continue to not charge submission fees – something we are absolutely committed to.


pineislandpress.com * facebook.com/incandescentzine * instagram.com/pineislandpress


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  1. Fluor says:

    That’s great,i’m with you guys from day 1…

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