Issue Nineteen 
Issue Eighteen

Michelle Asci
Vivie Behrens
Frances Bukovsky
Frijke Coumans
John Darwell
Atefeh Farajolahzadeh
Jamil Fatti
Johnny Galvan
Kirra Kimbrell
Sebastián Castaño Ospina
Sergio Leyva Seiglie
Dana Stirling
Shelli Weiler
Alia Youssef

Issue Seventeen

Christine Armbruster
Carmen Colombo
Leda Costa
Sonia Goydenko
J Houston
Jack Hulbert
Eric Kaczmarczyk
Mario Karlovcec
Jocelyn Keays
Kyle Lang
Rafael M. Milani
Masato Ninomiya
Rhombie Sandoval
Zhidong Zhang


2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Love the look of the first issue, and it’s HUGE!, lots of photographers and tons of pages to be inspired by, looking forward to issue 1
    Congrats –

  2. Alan says:

    Just received my copy and have been perusing the websites of some of the artists. Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy your take on emergent color film photography. Good luck!

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