Thank you for your interest in Incandescent. Submissions are closed at this time. We are working hard to get Issue Twenty out, Incandescent will be on hiatus after it’s release. 

75 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Jerry Russo says:

    I have images I would like to submit from a recent 4 x 5 project. No website can I still submit?

  2. If I want to put images into e-mail, what size must they be?

  3. Sarah says:

    I know this is too late but are you still taking submissions?

    • Incandescent says:

      We are always looking for submissions. Incandescent is bi-annual so we have a summer and winter deadline for upcoming issues. However, you can submit at anytime and we will keep your submission on file for the next issue.

  4. If the photos are to big to all fit in one email, would it be okay to send the 12 photos over two emails?

  5. janna says:

    Hi 🙂 Can I send a instax scans?

  6. Hello!Please tell me,for June 15th of ’13 year?

  7. STS says:

    what about monochrome “sepia” toned photographs – of course film, but not conventional one, it is “self-made” film ?

  8. Sara says:

    Should the submitted images belong to a single series/body of work?

  9. patricia says:

    is there actually a topic for the forth issue?

    • Incandescent says:

      There is no topic. Once we have chosen images we look for common themes within the work to inspire the title and intro. However there is no set subject – we just want to see your favorite color film images.

  10. Thank you for viewing my work shot on film. Xg

  11. Alex says:

    If I submit and get chosen will I receive a free copy?

  12. Tony Myles says:

    When are acceptances and/or rejections notified?

  13. George says:

    Can I just put links of my photos on flickr in submission e-mail?

  14. Vincent Carney says:

    What size should the files be for submissions?

  15. Are we able to not only submit photos but projects? (i.e. photo collections or photo books?)

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi Michael,

      If you would like to send us a link to a project, or email us images from a project, we are happy to look at them. We can’t promise to use all the images in one project, but we can do often include several images from a series, and we can include the series/project title with the image title if included in the publication.

  16. Sam says:

    Hi I have a couple files that are comprised of a two images because they were taken within a couple seconds of each other (one photo on top and one on the bottom), would that file be counted as one picture or two?

  17. Deanna says:

    Hi Incandescent

    Perhaps an amateur question, but do you have specific criteria for what qualifies as an “emerging artist”. I consider myself to be emerging, as I am only a year out of graduate school and am not widely exhibited. This being said, I do have representation.

    Thanks for the clarification!

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi Deanna,

      No we do not have any specific criteria for what qualifies an emerging artist. It can be a challenging to find opportunities to get work out to the world without submission fees or other costs – especially when starting out – Incandescent here to make it a little less difficult.

  18. hi there.
    My name is Lindsey and I mostly take Polaroids and stereo photography. I don’t know if my images are sharp enough for an issue but this is where I post my public photography. Better quality scans and other images available upon request. Thank you for looking over my lifestyle and what I’m up to. Good luck with the next issue.

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi Lindsey,
      Thanks for your interest in Incandescent. We do, however, ask that all submissions be emailed to us following the guidelines above. Thanks again!

  19. Ivette says:

    Can I submit work that I shot many years ago?

  20. Hello. We are Ukrainian duo Krolikowski Art, and we would like to send you the link on the website with analog photographs ( we make only film photography). But there is sometimes (really rarely) we post b/w photos; it’s ok or we have to choose up to 12 images and send it?

  21. Leonor says:

    Hi! I sent you an email with the link to my Flickr page, do I need to send the 12 pictures by mail too or you’ll check the link?

  22. Hello, is it possible to make more than one submission? Also are you open to colour Polaroid and Polaroid transfer processes

    • Incandescent says:

      Hello Virginia,
      Yes, if you have multiple projects you would like to submit you can send us more than one submission. We do accept all color film submissions, including polaroid film.

  23. Here is my submission.

  24. is there any particular theme for issue ten? or are we free to submit a variety of images?

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  27. Sebastian Gomez says:

    can i send a link to my instagram account? (it´s all color film photos)

  28. Hong says:

    Hello. I am interested in submitting works. But is there any theme for each issue?

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi, Hong. There is no specific theme, other than that the images must be made with color film. We do tend to go for more photos that fit with the current season, so the upcoming issue will be the summer issue. Thanks for your interest!

  29. Italia says:

    Do you accept cross processed images?

  30. Rachel Levy says:

    Hi. Do you accept cross-processed color slide film or color negative film only? Thank you!

  31. SiLydiatt says:

    I’m from the UK, can I submit work?

  32. Italia says:

    Does copyright remain with photographer?

  33. Tricia says:

    are there certain requirements for file format, size, and resolution?

  34. mcbinoculars says:


    Is there a specific focus / theme for this issue ? (appart from color photo 🙂
    thks !

    • Incandescent says:

      There is no specific theme, although we often find a common thread in the introduction and images once we have chosen them. We do tend to go for more photos that fit with the current season, so the upcoming issue will be the Winter issue. Thanks for your interest!

  35. I have images I shot with black and white film with a 645 Mamiya. I scanned the negatives, added a color overlay in photoshop and combined two negatives to make the final image. They are in the second gallery on my website. Are these acceptable as “color film?”

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your question. We have not generally included any alternative processes and only feature work that is made with color film (be that positive, instant, or slide film). Thanks for your interest in Incandescent!

  36. jade says:

    Hello, why aren’t b&w submissions allowed? Thanks!

    • Incandescent says:

      Incandescent was created by three friends with very different photographic styles. The common thread between us was our love of shooting with color analog film, the process, and nuances that came along with it. So we decided to also use color film as the commonality between photographs that we feature. There is tons of great photography out there – much of it is not color or analog – but we simply can’t show all of it.

  37. Hi, you write that the deadline for submissions for issue 17 is January 31st 2019. Is this correct? Do you rather mean 2020? Number 16 has just got out, so I guess number 17 is to be released in 2020. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you!

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