Issue Sixteen has arrived

And it’s stunning!  It features outstanding work by 18 photographers working with color analog film. Issue Sixteen was edited by Anna Knecht Schwarzer and Helen Jones, it includes an introduction by Catie Hannigan, and a cover photo is by Marc Newton.  A full list of contributors can be found here. A big thanks to the contributing photographers and those who gave their free time to work on this project! To purchase a copy head over to our website and s always keep an eye out on Instagram for updates on Incandescent and Pine Island Press.




Happy Friday the 13th folks! We thought we’d use this special day to share a preview of the latest cover featuring a photo by Marc Newton ( from his series Sunkist. As well as the good news that Catie Hannigan ( a Portland poet and visual artist has written us a beautiful introduction. It’s all coming together nicely and if we haven’t cursed ourselves you should see the release of Issue sixteen in a couple weeks. Keep an eye on our Instagram for more updates. And don’t forget not to walk under any ladders today.



Issue Sixteen Update

We’re hard at work on Issue sixteen and its going to be a good one. We thought we’d share a list of the contributing photographers. Keep a look out for a sneak peak of the cover in the next couple days and the release of the issue before summer officially leaves us on the 23rd.



Thank you everyone! We are thrilled with the submissions we received. Now it’s time for editors  Anna Knecht Schwarzer and Helen Jones to get to work  putting together this next Issue. We will be in touch with accepted photographers by end of July. If you don’t hear from us please consider submitting to future issues!

One week left to submit to Issue Sixteen!


We are now accepting submissions for Issue Sixteen. The last day to submit is June 30th, 2019.

Submission Guidelines: All images must be shot on color film. Email us up to 12 images or a link to your website.  Please include links directly to bodies of work / images that are both film and color. Email us at Please write “Issue Sixteen Submission” in the subject line. 

Please note, due to the cost of printing color and the amount of contributors for each issue (approximately 20) we unable to give a free zine to all those included. Charging a submission fee upfront would allow us to give contributors copies later, but we are dedicated keeping this call free, open, and available to all. We do offer a discount as close to our printing costs as possible.

Incandescent was dreamt up in 2011 at a sunny picnic table in Portland, Oregon by three friends tired of paying submission fees, and in love with shooting color film. Though we know there are great photos out there of all kinds we decided that day in the backyard to feature color analog photography in this zine. This publication was born out of a love of photography and was never intended to make money. Everyone who works on it has volunteered their time to make it possible. Over the years Incandescent has been based out of an attic, a basement, a car, and a travel trailer, it is a shoestring project, but on that we feel has had beautiful results. Our goal has always been to be able to show new photography at an affordable price without asking for submission fees. So far we have had the honor of sharing the work of over 300 photographers from almost 50 countries around the world.

Issue Fifteen is here!

Thanks to the contributing photographers, those gave their free time to work on this project, and the supporters that keep it going!  Images by Poli Blum and Carmen Colombo. A full list of contributors can be found here.





Here’s a preview of the Issue Fifteen cover featuring an image from the series ‘Chasing Light’ by riel and Bianca Sturchio. A full list of contributors can be found here. Our regular timeline for releases has been thrown off this as of late, but look for this issue by the beginning of the April.