We’re hard at work on Issue nineteen and it’s gonna be beautiful. We thought we’d share a list of the contributing photographers with you for now. Keep a look out for a sneak peak of the cover in the next couple of weeks.

Incandescent Issue Eighteen is here!

It features beautiful work by 14 photographers working with color analog film.  Issue Eighteen was edited by Anna Knecht Schwarzer and Helen Jones and includes an introduction by Andy Pham and a cover image is by Kirra Kimbrel.  A full list of contributors can be found here.

Price change

Here at Incandescent, we aim to make a publication that features and supports new photography and photographers at an affordable price without asking for submission fees. We are dedicated to keeping this call free, open, and available to all.

Over the last nine years, we have kept the cover price of the publication at $14, even as expenses went up, in an effort to keep it accessible. Unfortunately, the time has come to raise the price. Starting with Issue Eighteen Incandescent will now cost $16. This should help us to cover printing costs while staying affordable for our patrons.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Please know that this project is a labor of love—no one involved is paid—we do this for the joy of photography!

Issue Nineteen Call

Since we are still wrapping up up printing Issue Eighteen this month we have extended the call for Issue Nineteen. The last day to submit to Issue Nineteen will now be January 31st 2021. For more info check out our submissions page.


Hello folks, the pandemic has slowed us down a bit, but we wanted to share some progress! So, here is a preview of the upcoming cover to Issue Eighteen, featuring an image by Kira Kimbrell. Stay tuned for more updates. And, be sure to vote y’all!!!

Issue Eighteen is gonna be stellar! Editors Anna Knecht Schwarzer and Helen Jones have been busy relocating and unpacking, but we want you to know we are still working hard on Incandescent! We have updated the list of amazing photographers it will be featured on the contributors page.

Issue Eighteen progress

Hello all, editors Anna and Helen are both barrelling across the country in small cars towards new homes, but we want you to know we have not forgotten about Incandescent. We will be emailing Issue Eighteen’s selected photographers as soon as we are both stationary. As usual, we were floored by the fantastic submissions we received. There are never enough pages for all the amazing images we see. If you do not hear back from us this time, please consider submitting for future issues.


We are thrilled with the submissions we received, thank you to everyone who submitted! Now we get to work looking at all this amazing work. We will be in touch with accepted photographers in August. Due to the number of submissions, we are only able to get back to selected photographers. If you don’t hear from us please consider submitting to future issues! Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates about the progress of Issue Eighteen and stay safe out there!


We feel that it is critical to state our solidarity, that BLACK LIVES MATTER, that brutality, racial profiling, and the murder of Black people by the police need to end now.


Breonna Taylor should have turned 27 last week, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbury, Tony McDade, and so many others should still be with us. As a white-run project, we recognize that we will never be able to adequately understand the pain and generational trauma the African American community has faced during the long and violent history of our country. However, we know it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and to take to the streets to demand change.


The history of photography all too often has excluded or exploited marginalized communities. We recognize that photography has been used as a tool of policing and think now, in an age of surveillance, it is important for us to think about the ways photography works to uplift and oppress us. Contemporary arts and culture have been shaped by unrecognized artists of color and it is all of our work as artists and consumers to see, support, and celebrate the historical and contemporary artists and their crucial work. 


Some steps we will be taking are:

-Donating sales of back issues to the National Bail Out Fund for the month of June.

-Working to make our submission process more accessible and welcoming to BIPOC photographers.

-Donating zines to prisons, youth programs, and libraries.

-Working to publish ongoing fundraisers for racial justice organizations. 


As always, Incandescent is a passion project and is priced to be as accessible as possible and never requires submission fees.  We look forward to seeing how this moment in the movement for black lives impacts the future of photography. 

Submissions for issue 18 are open until June 30!


It has been a strange and sad last few months, and it was slow going getting this one out but, Incandescent Issue Seventeen finally is here! Featuring gorgeous work by 14 photographers working with color analog film. We are delighted to have put it into print for you to peruse and ponder.  Issue Seventeen was edited by Marissa Csanyi and Helen Jones and includes a timely and thoughtful introduction by Tasha Bjelić. The cover photo is by J Houston from their series “Tuck + Roll.” To purchase a copy head over to our website and as always keep an eye out on Instagram for updates on Incandescent and Pine Island Press. Stay safe!