Who can submit to Incandescent?

All emerging photographers! Incandescent strives to create a venue in which to share the work of artists who may not otherwise be shown.

What is a zine? Why don’t you call Incandescent a photo book?

Zines are a noncommercial magazine, often homemade, and devoted to a specialized subject matter. They are made out of passion, not for profit. Incandescent may look like a photo book but the intent is that of a zine.

Is Incandescent a digital zine or is it printed?

Incandescent is a printed zine. This blog is for informational and promotional purposes only. Zine content will not be viewable here.

Do the submitted images have to be taken with film? Do they need to be color?

Yes. Incandescent is a color film zine. There are lots of great black and white or digital pics out there but we, unfortunately, cannot use them.

Is there a theme for this issue?

No, there no specific theme, other than the images needing to be made with color film.

When will Incandescent be released?

Incandescent is a bi-annual publication. Typically issues are released at the end of January and August each year.

If my photos are accepted do I get a free zine?

No.  We very much wish that we could give every contributor a free copy but due to the cost of printing color and the number of contributors for each issue (approximately 20) we unable to give a free zine to all those included.  Currently, we can get the zine to contributors for half off ($7.00). Charging a submission fee upfront would allow us to give contributors copies later, but we are dedicated to keeping this call free, open, and available to all.

Who makes Incandescent?

Incandescent was started by Michael Cardiello, Marissa Csanyi, and Helen Jones. It is now run by Helen.

14 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Joel says:

    Are all submissions printed (at least 1 photo) or not? Thanks.

    • Incandescent says:

      Hi Joel,
      No, we receive around 200 submissions per issue and usually include about 15 to 20 photographers per issue. We encourage people to submit again if they do not hear back the first time. Thanks for your interest in Incandescent.

  2. Iku says:

    My friend is thinking of submitting photos to the zine. Can contributors get some money from selling zines?

    • Incandescent says:

      Unfortunately we are unable to give any kind of payment, nor do we pay ourselves. The best we can do at this time is to give photographers a 50% discount and try to get their work seen.

  3. Skye says:

    How do you guys feel about polaroid submissions?

  4. Kevin says:

    Hello, I was wondering.. if selected, do you guys need the negatives or do digital.copies suffice?

  5. poli says:

    hi! do you need any tech sizes for the images?
    or, just web images? and if your selected to print – do you contact us to send you bigger files?

    tnx. your a great zine 😀 [!]

    • Incandescent says:

      Hello! We only need web images for submissions. If selected we will contact artists about a month after the next submission deadline, and at that time would ask for print sized images.

  6. Can submissions be on color slide film? Thanks!

  7. Tracy says:

    Hi there, Do you consider previously published photographs?


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