Holy shit y’all we have a printer!

So grateful to everyone who made this happen. We can’t wait to get those Issue Fourteen pages rolling out.




Cheers friends we made it!!! As of today we have reached our goal for funding a new printer. Photo by Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, featured in Issue One which came out almost seven years ago. So much heartfelt gratitude to those of you who contributed, and spread the word about this project! Here’s to many more years of beautiful photos in print. Now don’t forget to send in a submission for Issue Fourteen.



It’s that time again. The deadline to submit for Issue Fourteen is June 15th. Don’t miss it! Email incandescentzine@gmail.com up to 12 examples of your work and / or a link to your website!


Incandescent needs a new printer

We really hate fundraising, but really love photography, and spending tons of time on printing projects. Our time is free, however, printers are not. We are dedicated to showing work by emerging photographers while keeping the zine affordable and not charging submission fees. Up to now that has been possible because of a printer we bought six years ago thanks to Kickstarter — sales from each issue have funded printing of the next. Alas, that printer is no more. We hope to raise enough to buy a new cost effective printer. If we are unable to do so we will put the funds towards an absolutely stellar last issue before discontinuing the project. Please check out our GoFundMe, share, and donate if you can.

thirteen zines on a rug 2.jpg

Issue Thirteen is finally here!

We’re so sorry about the delay; the wax printer that we use to print Incandescent has had its last meltdown. It was a struggle to find another affordable printing option but we finally found something doable, and are very glad to get this beautiful issue out into the world. Issue Thirteen features 16 talented photographers from eight countries.  A full list of contributors can be found here.  It was edited by Helen Jones  and Erin Barnard; published by Pine Island Press and features a foreword by Cameron Lovejoy and cover photo by Juan Giraldo. Buy it here.

Incandescent Issue Thirteen

Issue Thirteen cover preview

Here’s a preview of the Issue Thirteen cover featuring an image from Juan Giraldo‘s beautiful series ‘Blue & Blue’. Our printer issues have held up the release of this issue, but it’s gonna be worth the wait.



A big thanks to all the photographers who sent in submissions for Issue Thirteen! We are looking forward to spending time with your work, and those selected should hear from us in a few weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook, and Instagram for updates on our progress. And if you missed the deadline we are always taking submissions for following issues, find submission info here.